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Ruling Question

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default Ruling Question

Post by Diabolos Ragna on Sat Jul 04, 2015 12:59 am


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default Re: Ruling Question

Post by patrick1324 on Sat Jul 04, 2015 6:34 am

1)player A cannot activate exciton effect because both players have exactly same card on the field and hand(maybe just a bug)

no play is legal

but if player B got a card in his hand, player A activate exciton effect and deattach heraldic beast leo as cost:
(i cannot find the correct answer so i make a new one)

exciton effect resolve first.

heraldic beast leo effect will be activate by start a new chain after exciton effect resolve because heraldic beast leo cannot activate and resolve when exciton effect is resolving(trigger effect chain rule)

sangan effect cannot be activate because xyz material is not treat as a card on the field.

marksman effect cannot be activate because it is not send to graveyard to activate a water monster effect.

2)chain link 3 is fiendish chain, chain link 2 is shi en effect, chain link 1 is mirror force.

chain link 3 resolve, fiendish chain continuous effect applied.
chain link 2 resolve, but immediately negated by fiendish chain continuous effect
chain link 1 resolve, destroy the shi en
(fiendish chain destruction is a continuous effect so can apply in a chain link, fiendish chain is destroy)
shi en attack cannot go through because monster had disappear before the damage step.

how many dp i can gain from my this ruling quiz? the first quiz have a bug which cannot activate exciton effect when both players have same amount of card...

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